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Acquiring customers is hard...

  • Ads burn cash and get 0% ROI
  • Audience building takes years
  • SEO takes minimum of 6 months
  • Cold outreach gets cold responses

About Newsletter Audiences

  • High-quality attention
  • Transparent advertising rates
  • Clear upfront data: subscribers, open rates, click through rates
  • Distraction-free placements (unlike a social feed)
  • Emails published by trusted creators
  • Bottom of funnel customers looking for solutions
Brands like these already advertise in email newsletters


I needed a service like this, that didn't break the bank. Now I can systematically reach out to newsletters without wasting my own time on research - I'm very happy. 

Geena Sudra
Newsletter operator


It's so easy to use. I  filter and quickly find newsletters to contact. It's up there with one of the best investments I've made for my clients businesses - Thanks guys.

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe
Newsletter operator
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Companies are already taking advantage

Our database is perfect for:

  • Brands, looking to increase brand awareness through 'micro-influencers' outside of conventional channels like Meta, TikTok, Twitter and Google.
  • Startups, looking to acquire their first customers, whether for MVP or product launch.
  • Agencies, looking for new clients or additional media channels for their existing clients.
  • PR firms
  • Media buyers, looking for new customer acquisition channels.
  • Brands
  • Startups
  • Agencies
  • PR firms
  • Media buyers

A better way to get traffic 

Your brand, startup or agency featured in a high-impact newsletter issue just like these

Newsletters have various ways in which to showcase your brand depending on your campaign goals: featured placement, mid-placement, link mention and complete takeover.

Advantages of Newsletter Audiences

Conventional methods of advertising are complicated, unpredictable and often misaligned with your brands objectives. Here's why sponsoring a newsletter is an alternative solution:

Acquire customers that have a higher LTV

Get early adopters for your product (that will provide you honest feedback)

Increase brand awareness with hyper-specific target audiences

Simple and accurate tracking

Design ad creative alongside publishers to help achieve your campaign goals

Extend reach to audiences who may never discover your product

Develop partnerships and relationships with Newsletter publishers

A percentage of Newsletter publishers are open to performance or affiliate based advertising 

Readers view brands that advertise in their favourite newsletter as trustworthy

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Identify categories and newsletters that have product-audience match. Plus, discover complimentary categories and newsletters you may have never come across before.

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Filter and sort the database based on what you are looking for.

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As a limited-time bonus, you'll unlock an additional database view.
Which includes what brands are sponsoring what newsletter. This will give you an insight into other companies user acquisition tactics.


Save time and unlock your new acquisition channel, without a monthly subscription.

Our Guarantee

This month we'll spend 100+ hours curating data for our Email Sponsorship customers. Therefore we don't offer any money back guarantees, because the data has now been seen. It's like buying a book, reading it cover to cover and then asking for a refund. However if you feel our research does not help you find a newsletter to sponsor, build relationships or cross-promote, then please provide feedback so we can enhance the product for you. Important: We don't guarantee all data points for every newsletter. We do guarantee to save you hours in research time.


What is the source of your information?

All data points in our lists, including contact emails are publicly available.

Our sources include email subscriptions, news outlets, social media, niche blogs are more.

We collect data by hand and even contact newsletter operators and sponsors to cross-reference the data.

It's a process. But what it means for you:

  • The data isn't perfect, but it's hard won (it's manual, collaborative and iterative).
  • The data is publicly available and not the result of illegal activity (just lots of manual work).

We are always open to our subscribers validating data. Feel free to email us and say "Hey, that newsletter now has 15,000 subs. Not 12,000" or "I've tried to hit up that sponsor all year, they only work with the Morning Brews of this world".

Am I going to be competing with other newsletter operators?

Yes and no. Yes because there are other newsletters operators taking advantage of our research and data. 

No because:

  • If they got sponsored, so could you
  • Different sponsors target different niches
  • Relative to the number of newsletters out there we work with a tiny number of customers
  • We don't just work with newsletter operators. We work with sponsors to find out what they want, so we can do warm introductions

We offer newsletter operators the chance to stand out by providing more useful information to share with sponsors.

Finally, to ever avoid a situation where we have too many newsletters competing for sponsors, we raise the prices every 100-150 subscribers to filter out low quality customers. The price you pay today is the price you lock in.

Why should I subscribe to Email Sponsors?

There's a lot of newsletters out there and with the introduction of Substack, Beehive and Linked In Newsletters, the industry is growing.

So how do you get in the front of line for sponsors?

Not just any sponsor. A sponsor who is actively looking to spend their marketing budget.

You could spend 10+ hours every week on researching, shortlist and keeping on top of your own list.

And repeat that activity every week to ensure you have the latest data and keep on getting paid.

Or you could leave that to us, your personal research team. Where it's our job to: find quality data, keep updating data, ensure accurate information and target qualified sponsors.

Do you guarantee I'll get a sponsor offer?

Unfortunately not.

Our service focuses on getting you and sponsors the best information possible for a warmer introduction. We aim to increase the chance of you monetising your newsletter compared to a cold, unqualified outreach.

To further increase your chances we do sponsor outreach. To better understand what they need from newsletter operators. With the aim of helping you best prepare for when you land your first or next sponsor.

What if I want to cancel?

We do not charge you again. If you wish to stop receiving information from us, simple unsubscribe. Do please let us know, so we aware (as people can unsubscribe by accident).

What does "cross-promotion" mean?

(Coming Soon). Cross-promotion or 'cross-promo' is when two newsletter agree to give each other a shout out. It's a great way to access a new audience and boost your subscriber number. Our newsletter directory gives you access to other newsletters who are open to cross-promotion. Reach out and agree your first or next audience share.

Easily find newsletters to sponsor