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Free Data Nuggets Package

  • Updated list of sponsors sent monthly
  • Receive start to end of the calendar month. Not rolling.
  • Includes contact details
  • Sent to your inbox

💎 Data Diamonds Package

  • ~150 sponsors (placements) who are actively looking for newsletters to advertise in
  • Sent weekly (first mover advantage and consistent leads)
  • 'Similar Companies' data points (access untapped sponsors)
  • Sent to your inbox
  • Available on-demand in your data hub
  • CSV download (import to your CRM)

🚨 One-time-payment of £65. Price increases to £99 on Wed 31 May.


I needed a service like this, that didn't break the bank. Now I can systematically reach out to advertisers without wasting my own time on research - I'm very happy. 

Geena Sudra
Newsletter operator


It's so easy to use. I log in, filter and quickly find sponsors to contact. It's up there with one of the best investments I've made for my newsletter business - Thanks guys.

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe
Newsletter operator
🧐 Curious to see what the data looks like?

Newsletter operators are already making money

We (EmailSponsorship.com) spend 100+ hours researching what newsletters are being sponsored by who. We compile that data and email it to you in an easy to filter table. That includes sponsors contact information. You can then reach out, build a relationship and get paid again and again.

We don't just work with newsletter operators. We work with sponsors, agencies and startups directly to find out what they're looking for, so we can give you a warm introduction.

  • Email newsletters
  • Linked In newsletters
  • Substack writers
  • Beehiv newsletters

How it works


Sign up instantly

Click subscribe and enter your email.


Receive leads instantly

Receive last week's list upon sign up as well as a new list every week.


Start reaching out today

Now you have access to sponsor and advertisers contact details, you can start reaching out.

designed for newsletter PUBLISHERS

Publisher's favourite features

Weekly data = First mover advantage

Anyone can gather old, expired, worthless data and ask you to buy it. But you're not here for a swipe file on 'who sponsored who in 2019'. You're here for us to do the dirty work. Hunting - new, relevant and accurate data - every week. That's what you'll receive. As we believe recency = relevancy.

Similar Companies = Untapped Sponsors

We find companies that are competitors of the sponsor. For example, if Coca-Cola advertised in a newsletter. We'd research and identify their competitors like Pepsi, Monster, Red Bull. This gives you first mover advantage and the ability to access untapped Sponsors

Sponsors subscribe to us

Most services like ours are normally 'one-way'. They focus only on providing value to one party. In this case, the operator. But we're not about to leave you to the wolves aka sponsors. Because the other side to our service helps sponsors, advertisers, agencies and startups find the best newsletter for what they need. This way we serve both parties. Plus you'll get access to these insights when available.

Save hours of time with exclusive data

Unlock your personal research assistant: We curate for you the most important data points from newsletters and always strive for greater quality and accuracy. Here's most of the data points we look at. Whilst we can't guarantee all data points for every newsletter, we make it available when it's discovered.

Company Name


Contact Page

Newsletter description


Price (free, paid, freemium)

Subscriber count

Sponsorship details

Social media contact details


Most common objections

Everyone is using this list
You'd think so, but the opposite is true:
  • If a newsletter like yours gets sponsored, this is a signal you could to.
  • Different sponsors target different niches.
  • Relative to the millions of newsletters, we work with a tiny few.
  • We raise the price periodically.
Not big enough to be sponsored
Different brands have different budgets, so look for different size subscriber lists.

Ultimately sponsors and advertisers are looking to spend their marketing budget more efficiently. Your newsletter is a way for them to do that. Because they're looking for expert creators with targeted audiences.

It's like how brands pay micro-influencers for a social media post. So you're never to small to get your first sponsor.
Not technical and no time for new tech
You don't need to be technically minded to use our data. Whilst most services like ours lead with technology platforms that require a learning curve and 'lock-in', we focus on making the data available to you quickly and easily. The data is in a simple table (like a spreadsheet) that can be filtered based on what you're looking for.
Plus we don't lock you into our platform. For example, we simply provide the raw email, LinkedIn contact, and social accounts so you can directly contact the sponsor. We don't force you to message through our platform.


Make your entire investment back with your first sponsor

Our Guarantee

This month we'll spend 100+ hours curating data for our Email Sponsors' customers. We'll then email them that data weekly for speed. Therefore we don't offer any money back guarantees, because the data has now been seen. It's like buying a book, reading it cover to cover and then asking for a refund. However if you feel our research does not help you get sponsored, build relationships or cross-promote, then you can cancel at anytime, hassle free. Plus you'll get the remaining data for the month your subscription is active. Important: We don't guarantee all data points for every newsletter. We do guarantee to save you hours in research time.


What is the source of your information?

All data points in our lists, including contact emails are publicly available.

Our sources include email subscriptions, news outlets, social media, niche blogs are more.

We collect data by hand and even contact newsletter operators and sponsors to cross-reference the data.

It's a process. But what it means for you:

  • The data isn't perfect, but it's hard won (it's manual, collaborative and iterative).
  • The data is publicly available and not the result of illegal activity (just lots of manual work).

We are always open to our subscribers validating data. Feel free to email us and say "Hey, that newsletter now has 15,000 subs. Not 12,000" or "I've tried to hit up that sponsor all year, they only work with the Morning Brews of this world".

Am I going to be competing with other newsletter operators?

Yes and no. Yes because there are other newsletters operators taking advantage of our research and data. 

No because:

  • If they got sponsored, so could you
  • Different sponsors target different niches
  • Relative to the number of newsletters out there we work with a tiny number of customers
  • We don't just work with newsletter operators. We work with sponsors to find out what they want, so we can do warm introductions

We offer newsletter operators the chance to stand out by providing more useful information to share with sponsors.

Finally, to ever avoid a situation where we have too many newsletters competing for sponsors, we raise the prices every 100-150 subscribers to filter out low quality customers. The price you pay today is the price you lock in.

Why should I subscribe to Email Sponsors?

There's a lot of newsletters out there and with the introduction of Substack, Beehive and Linked In Newsletters, the industry is growing.

So how do you get in the front of line for sponsors?

Not just any sponsor. A sponsor who is actively looking to spend their marketing budget.

You could spend 10+ hours every week on researching, shortlist and keeping on top of your own list.

And repeat that activity every week to ensure you have the latest data and keep on getting paid.

Or you could leave that to us, your personal research team. Where it's our job to: find quality data, keep updating data, ensure accurate information and target qualified sponsors.

Do you guarantee I'll get a sponsor offer?

Unfortunately not.

Our service focuses on getting you and sponsors the best information possible for a warmer introduction. We aim to increase the chance of you monetising your newsletter compared to a cold, unqualified outreach.

To further increase your chances we do sponsor outreach. To better understand what they need from newsletter operators. With the aim of helping you best prepare for when you land your first or next sponsor.

What if I want to cancel?

We do not charge you again. If you wish to stop receiving information from us, simple unsubscribe. Do please let us know, so we aware (as people can unsubscribe by accident).

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